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“Diane is very capable in family law, criminal law, and appeals. She is active in bar associations at both the state and local level and a frequent presenter at continuing legal education programs.”

- Government Counsel

About Diane DePascale

There’s nothing quite as emotional as family relations. You want someone who can understand and help move the process along. Diane Kappeler DePascale started practicing law in 1981. She is board certified by the Ohio State Bar Association as a specialist in family relations law. She is a member of Ohio Bar College, Ohio State Bar Association, and the Stanley Greenberg Family Law Forum. She can help ease the burden of legal separation, dissolution, divorce, or annulment. One of her skills is seeking a change in court orders regarding children, property, and support.

Areas of Practice

Laws involving family relations and domestic matters are deeply personal. Diane is passionate about helping people understand their rights and options. There is a greater sense of control when you have a plan to reach your goals. Diane can help with that! You’ll find a sense of security knowing that she is there to guide you through the process.

Diane is also well practiced in juvenile court and the defense of persons accused of crimes. She’ll handle all your legal needs including unwed parents and abuse/neglect allegations. In addition, she also does civil practice, preparation of wills, and probate of estates. Call and schedule an appointment with her if you have any further questions regarding any of these practices and she will assist you.

Diane Will Keep You Informed

When it comes to your family affairs, they matter. Each situation is unique. You’ll appreciate Diane’s sense of commitment and patience. She can help you achieve your goals in a civil manner. One of the things she prides herself on is her communication.

You will always know what is going on and what the next steps are. This isn’t something you can trust to just anybody. At DePascale Law, it’s important that your needs are met!


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