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DePascale Law Advises You to Follow These Major Do's and Don’ts 

Law Scale
1. Don’t say or write (text/blog/on Facebook/tweet/email) anything to anyone (including child, ex-spouse, and/or potential witnesses) that you would be embarrassed to say or hear repeated to the judge.
  • Angry and/or vulgar words
  • False and/or unprovable accusations (hearsays or guesses)
  • Threats and/or plans/desires for revenge
  • Bragging about things you don't have or didn't do
2. Don’t allow friends or family to give you legal advice.
Such as:
  • Advice to do or say something to your opponent
  • Opinions regarding the meaning of legal documents
  • In part, due to the stress, it is likely that your friend did not fully or accurately understand what happened in his/her own case and why. Even assuming they mean well, a half-truth or inaccurate advice can mislead you to your detriment.
3. Do keep detailed records.
  • Make notes of all conversations including date and time.
  • Keep a journal for your attorney.
  • Keep copies of all letters and documents you send.
  • Print and keep all texts and emails.
  • Human memories fade especially regarding dates, times, and events. Some day you may be required to testify as to exactly what happened and when.
The text or email that you receive today could be important an evidence tomorrow if you printed and kept it. How will you prove that you sent a text or email if you did not print it and keep a copy?
4. Do be flexible regarding parenting times and dates
Be willing to trade weekends and/or holidays when requested. Be sure to confirm the new agreement in writing (email is fine) and keep a printed copy.